Holsters for Purchase

The most expensive thing you can do is buy cheap equipment.

The CCW Series Holsters were designed by a veteran police officer, who became frustrated with two things. First, he was observing more and more people who were spending their hard earned money on cheap, ineffective, and unsafe holster systems. Secondly, he saw that high quality holsters systems were extremly expensive, forcing people to go the cheap route. As a result of his observations, he designed and perfected the CCW Series Holster Line. The holsters are custom molded to the specific weapon, and provide concealment, easy access, and comfort. These high quality and durable holsters are the very same models carried by hundreds (and growing daily) of off-duty police officers, military personnel, and specialized law enforcement teams for concealed carry on duty. The holsters are available in leather or Kydex (holster specific) and come in the following styles, which range in price from $30.00-110.00.

– Kydex or leather belt holsters

– Open top F.A.S.T. holsters

– Kydex or leather inside the waistband with clip

– Kydex or leather inside the pocket or purse

– Magazine pouches

– Ankle holsters

-Reasonably priced LED flashlights

Please e-mail Dave Wells for pricing or questions.   ranger00227@gmail.com