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Training & Advisory Services LLC is owned and operated by three police officers and a federal agent, all with military experience: a Marine, a SEAL, and USAF security forces. The police officers were SWAT officers and full time police academy instructors.  We offer the finest instruction available, in a non-threatening environment, with an emphasis on firearms safety.  To date, we have trained more than 3,000 people. Don’t leave your training to amateurs!

Our classes are held near Bennett, Colorado – a 20 minute drive from I-70 and I-225, 40 minutes from Parker or downtown Denver.

Classes are available for both beginner and advanced level shooters.  All firearms classes fulfill the Colorado concealed weapons (CCW) permit training requirement.

Our curriculum is far more in depth than most courses. Buyer beware, there is lots of competition in our business – but most courses are taught by civilians, detention officers, or Deputy Sheriffs who have only worked in detentions, who label themselves “law enforcement.” Most other CCW courses DO NOT include actual shooting, and are taught by amateurs. We offer the most in- depth program available. Our instructors are active, not retired, police officers, who can offer a working knowledge of legal concerns; such as what to do if you’re contacted by the police when you’re armed, or if you use deadly force in self defense. Our staff has extensive teaching experience.

We have both total beginners and experienced shooters in every course. We take it slowly and patiently with beginners, and make it a positive experience, even the experienced shooters learn a lot.

Ready to register for a class? Please email kmcraft14@gmail.com with your name, which class you would like to sign up for, and which date. Lastly, please tell us know how you found us.  

Once you are registered and confirmed for a class, we will email additional instructions and driving directions to the range.

Our mailing address:

Training & Advisory Services LLC
PO Box 461671
Aurora, CO  80046

We were featured on channel 31 news on 12/29/12:


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Hi everyone, we found a vid we thought you may enjoy. Our lead instructor Graham shooting combat pistol at the Police & Fire Olympics a few years back. This is one of 5 courses of fire for the day. Graham took a silver medal that year. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi everyone, I took a target to the ER Doctors who teach Tactical Casualty Care, and asked for their feedback. The red zones are area that can cause an immediate stop, specifically the heart and brain. The blue areas are good hits that will cause massive blood loss, organ failure, and possibly death. It should be noted that it takes at least a .380 caliber to penetrate a human skull, and the access points to the brain through the "cranial vault" are the eyes, nose, and ears. Quality hollow points are most effective on humans and animals for self-defense purposes. Multiple hits are often required to stop an attacker. The shooter must be able to articulate why and how many times they shot. We teach to shoot until the threat has stopped. Simply stated, until they go down, retreat or give up. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lyman Armory is offering a few special deals for CCP students. A G42, .380cal, for $419, and a XD mod 2 for $569 ($599 is list). Contact Matt through his FB page. ... See MoreSee Less

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While we generally try to post educational material, occasionally it's heartwarming just to see criminals get their "just deserts." An oldie but goodie. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi everyone, see the attached video of a squib round. (You can fast forward to 1:30 when the shooting starts. At 1:40 the squib round occurs.) This is a good training video in case it ever happens to you. I have only seen maybe 4 or 5 squib rounds ever, (and I worked on a police range), so they are very rare, but if you don't recognize what you have you could be setting yourself up for serious injury. I saw a barrel blow up because the shooter didn't recognize what had happened. The squib round itself is not going to blow up, its the round fired on top of it that can cause your barrel to blow up. We had a student with a squib round in October with his AR15. Luckily I was standing next to him and recognized the difference in sound and recoil, so we disassembled his weapon. Sure enough there was a squib round in the barrel. A gunsmith or armorer can remove the squib round without damaging your barrel. Use quality ammo, and don't shoot ammo that has been laying outside in the elements to avoid squib rounds. Graham

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